Trend IQ4 System Installed at Littlehampton Health Centre NHS

Installed a Trend IQ4 system into an existing control panel

Project: Littlehampton Health Centre NHS

Client: IDWe Ltd.

Location: Littlehampton, West Sussex


Project details:

Littlehampton Health Centre provides a range of outpatient facilities to the community and they contacted us as their existing system controls was problematic in several areas; it was expensive to maintain, technologically outdated, poorly documented, and difficult for the staff to use.

We wanted to provide them with a system that improved controllability.

Our engineer visited the site and surveyed the existing system, we then prepared the design off-site for a new controller to be incorporated into the existing control panel.

We then fitted a Trend IQ4 system with an IQ View 4 HMI, into the existing control panel, to replace the original Siemens controller

All of the original temperature sensors were replaced, some of which were re-wired.



The down time of the plant was less than an hour, and the work was fully completed and handed over with training to NHS Property Services in just one day.




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