The King Centre

The Kings Centre

Thank you to the Magpie BMS team for being so helpful in fixing the heating and ventilation on-site. Special thanks to Russell and Brian who offered great customer service and deliverability- they made you feel very safe in their capable hands!

Tony Sage, Building Supervisor, The Kings Centre, Chessington

david miles and partners

David Miles and Partners

I have been working with Magpie BMS Services Ltd for about 6-7 years. Magpie been great throughout that time. Very knowledgeable, helpful, and very good at coming up with a solution when one is needed.

When we use a control specialist it is because this is outside of our skillset. Magpie controls have always been helpful and have the time to talk through a project and come up with ideas and solutions.

Chris O’Meara, Associate Director, David Miles and Partners, Romford


Focus FM

Magpie BMS Services Ltd are very proactive and experienced so whenever there is a problem to solve, they come up with the solution. And, importantly, they make it understandable to those who don’t understand the software. Hence Magpie are my first choice BMS supplier.

Paul Miller, Senior Technical Associate, Focus FM, London EC4

greenshaw high school

Greenshaw High School

Magpie BMS Services Ltd have such a breadth and depth of knowledge. They are second to none on problem solving and really understand what I am trying to achieve as a customer. Their speed of service is great & always available to help and offer advice.

Caroline Budd, Premises Manager, Greenshaw High School, Sutton