Control Systems at Chailey Heritage School

Replacement control systems within four plantrooms


Project: Chailey Heritage School

Client: Chailey Heritage Foundation

Location: Chailey, Lewes


Project Details:

Chailey Heritage School is a special school for children and young people with complex neuro disabilities, high health needs, sensory impairments, and associated learning difficulties.

It is a large site with several plantrooms.

From 2022 we have embarked on a medium-term project to replace a variety of control systems with Trend IQ4 controllers. At the same time we have incorporated some control panel alterations and are working towards centralising the user interface of the controls. This will enable the client to operate the plant effectively and efficiently.

Controller replacements have generally been done retaining existing field cabling, and rerouting or renewing cabling within the control panel. Software was rewritten to suit the clients requirements and tested/demonstrated accordingly.

To date we have upgraded controls in four plantrooms.



The client now had a control panel that was modernised and did exactly what they required it to do from the brief given.



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