Control Panel Manufacture

Build quality

As control panel manufacturers, we pride ourselves in build quality, and designing our control panels to be optimally ergonomic from the perspective of both installers and end-users. Easy-to-follow-diagrams and control panel layout makes the job of installers more straight forward and resulting in neat and tidy finished product.
Our panel door layouts of lamps and switches in able the end-users to follow clearly the status of plant.

Testing & maintenance


  • All lamps are LED for reliability and long life
  • Lamp test facility is incorporated – it’s important to test lamp operation frequently
  • All cables are numbered and crossed referenced to the drawing page on which they feature
  • All panels equipment utilises quality equipment from manufacturers including: Schneider, Siemens, ABB, IMO, Phoenix Contact.


A new control panel would be expected to have a life expectancy of 25+ years. When used to replace an existing control panel, all of the panel equipment installed would match the current plant arrangements.
We utilise programmable controllers to offer maximum flexibility of control, so that only plant items that are really required to operate do so, bringing benefits in operational costs.



Frequently Asked Questions