Close Environmental Control Project at Towner Eastbourne

Close Environmental Control


Client – Towner Eastbourne

Location – College Rd, Eastbourne

Close environmental control project, control panel, BMS, automation

Magpie BMS Services Ltd were contacted by Towner Eastbourne to rectify two identified issues with their environmental control.

As Towners’ Collection is best known for its modern art which they have been collecting and exhibiting for 100 years, it was important to find a solution to maintain this contemporary art collection.

Identified the problem:

  • The prevailing conditions were not acceptable for the artwork and exhibits.
  • Energy efficiency needed improvement.

Our investigation:

  • Software errors were found, including calculations of psychrometric parameters.
  • The chilled water temperature was too high to achieve dehumidification.
  • The dampers were hunting, causing unstable conditions.

To resolve these issues, the software had to be rewritten so we could achieve the required air conditions within an envelope, rather than a single point. By using updated Trend functions, we could improve the moisture content and dewpoint calculations.

As a result, the Chillers were set at 6°C rather than 10°C, which increased the cooling and dehumidification capacity and stabilised the dampers.



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