Building Management System at RUSI, Whitehall

BMS Services at RUSI

End User – Royal United Services Institute (RUSI)

Location – 61 Whitehall, London, SW1

Main Contractor – Coniston

Contractor (our client) – Parker Air Conditioning Ltd.

BMS Services by Magpie BMS Services

Control of Ventilation and Heating within the Event Space


Scope of Works:

Having acquired 61 Whitehall in 2015, RUSI embarked on a redevelopment programme to restore the building’s original features.

The modernisation programme transformed the classical building, into a state-of-the-art facility fit for a 21st-century think tank.

The works included a VRV system to provide heating and cooling, and mechanical ventilation to provide fresh air. The original fourth floor balcony area was enclosed by a glass dome to become an ‘Event Space’; this area is naturally ventilated with automatically controlled windows and dampers.

Magpie BMS’ brief was to provide time control and monitoring of the AC and ventilation system, as well as other mechanical plant and electrical metering.


Summary of Services Provided:
  • Designed and manufactured a control panel to provide control interlocks to ventilation and AC plant.
  • Installed a Trend IQ4E/INT controller to carry out automatic control functions and to monitor electrical metering via Modbus.
  • Incorporated a Synapsys Solutions Ltd – engineered Trend XNC Controller to monitor and control the VRV Plant.
  • Included a Trend IQView8 HMI to enable the client to monitor and adjust settings on the Trend system.
  • We carried out the electrical installation of all extra low voltage and communications wiring associated with these works.
Special Considerations:

For the control of natural ventilation in the dome, we designed bespoke wall-mounted devices to:

  • Monitor temperature and CO2 levels.
  • Set the window positions to automatic or manual control.

These were supplied by Fortune UK and finished to MK Satin Gold to match the electrical fittings in the dome.


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