Goods Lift Control Panel at Ruxley Garden Centre

New Control Panel


Ruxley Manor

Client / End User – Ruxley Manor Garden Centre

Location – Sidcup, London

Main Contractor – IDWe Ltd


Goods lift Control Panel

Summary of Services Provided:

The garden centre had a tail-lift installed from a truck, together with the relevant control gear, to transport goods between the storage and loading levels.

An insurance inspection required some safety improvements to be incorporated. However, at the time of our site survey of the existing control system, the control panel had sustained significant damage through water ingress, and it was deemed unserviceable.


Services Completed included:

We were employed to design and manufacture a new panel to incorporate all the required operational and safety requirements.

The access gates would be inhibited from opening unless the lift was in the appropriate position, with a key switch facility to override for maintenance.

New up and down controls were added at upper and lower levels adjacent to the gates.


Our engineers installed and commissioned the new control panel and demonstrated operation to the client.


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