Tring Sports Centre

Magpie BMS were contracted to design and install a control system for the new heating and ventilation plant serving Tring Sports Centre’s refurbished swimming pool and associated areas. 

Key works required were to design a control panel to perform a sequenced shutdown and start-up of the heating supply and, the installation of a UV filter and pool circulation pumps to enable the manual valves to be positioned safely- through a combination of hardwired interlocks and software programming. 

The client had a key request to correct a technical problem of the plant operating incorrectly during manual backwash procedures. Magpie BMS met the client’s bespoke needs by providing a backwash control station to simplify an override of the pumps for the end-user (the client). 

The contract was for the duration of 4 months between January 2019 – May 2019 and was to the value of £435,000. To date, Tring’s Sport Centre has been in continuous operation and the Magpie BMS team were pleased to have been contracted to carry out additional works in the sports hall. Works involved installation of electric radiant heating with the incorporation of Trend controls.

For more information on Tring’s Sports Centre, click here.

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