St Christopher’s Hospice – Education Centre

Magpie BMS were contracted by St Christopher’s Hospice to design and install a control system for the new Education Centre, including: Heating, natural ventilation, mechanical ventilation and AC controls. 

Bespoke client requests were to provide a simple user interface for motorised window control and to incorporate all elements ranging from heating and natural ventilation into one control system rather than across multiple. 

Technical works included the provision of window controls and for these to be intelligible to room users and, to reduce the overall amount of wiring and equipment in each room. 

The project’s over-arching aim was to make the control system user-friendly for the client and to minimise installation costs, of which the following bespoke requests were carried out: 

  • Designing a window manual override system that is simple to use, gives feedback indication and facilities resumption of automatic control under given conditions.
  • Incorporate heating and ventilation controls within one controller without the need for either an ‘integration controller’ or separate controls.

The reduction of controls ensured that the installation cost requirements of the client were met. 

The St Christopher’s Hospice Education Centre project took place throughout the duration of 8 months and was valued at £65,000. 

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