Old Royal Naval College, Painted Hall

Magpie BMS carried out the design and installation of a new control system for the Old Royal Naval College’s Painted Hall. 

Works took place between March 2017 and February 2018 throughout the renovation of the Painted Hall and new Undercroft Cafeteria. The new control system served as a replacement for a heating and ventilation plant previously serving the building and was valued at £75,000.

Key requirements for the project included the control of relative humidity levels within the Painted Hall and to adjacent parts of the building, through the variation of space temperatures- achieved by the use of fan convectors. 

The Old Royal Naval College’s Painted Hall is a historical, UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation) building, dating back to the 1700s. Interiors of the Painted Hall feature high painted ceilings known as ‘Britain’s Sistine Chapel’ painted by artist Sir James Thornhill- Such historical features needed to be protected and conserved throughout the installation project. 

This challenge was overcome through the accurate determination of the operating limits of discharge temperatures and calculating the exact range of temperatures required to ensure the conservation of the artefacts. Further challenges consisted of installing sensors leading into the selection of high-quality wireless devices that operate at a range of up to 100m, without damaging the building fabric and successfully feeding these through the building’s stone flooring and walls. 

Magpie BMS also permitted the changing of temperature to ‘comfort mode’ for when the building is in use for events- most commonly for the graduation ceremonies of students that pass through the University of Greenwich’s doors each year. 

Since completion of the project, the Painted Hall and adjacent buildings have remained in continuous use. 

For more information about the Painted Hall, click here.

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