North Downs Specialist Referrals

Magpie BMS were pleased to have been contracted to carry out control system design and installation works at the North Downs Specialist Referrals MRI Unit. The contract was awarded following previous works the Magpie BMS team carried out involving the expansion of facilities with design and installation of HVAC systems throughout wards.

North Downs Specialist Referrals is an internationally acknowledged centre of excellence for Specialist Veterinary Care, offering access to one of the largest groups of recognised Veterinary Specialists in the UK and Europe.

Magpie BMS Services were briefed to design and install a control system for the new heating and ventilation plant serving the North Downs Specialist Referral’s new MRI unit. 

Due to the technicalities of working alongside MRI equipment, Magpie BMS designed interlocks that were required between the chilled and cold water supplies to maintain the flow through the MRI coil and simultaneously prevent contamination of the two supplies. 

Additionally, Magpie BMS designed specialist control software to identify and act upon any failure in the chilled water system, causing the MCW (Mains cold water) to pass through the MRI coil. This involved the selection of tight shut-off butterfly valves, fitted with fast-acting spring-return actuators (motors)- With the installation of valves, any power failure would cause the MCW valves to open and the chilled water valves to close. 

The design and installation works were carried out throughout March – July 2018, to the value of £60,000. 

Upon completions of the works, Magpie BMS Services worked in conjunction with the North Downs Specialist Referral’s MRI manufacturers and chiller manufacturers to rectify a reported faulting issue, subsequent to the MCW supply operating. This was rectified by the MRI manufacturers installing a delay of 30 minutes, in order to give the plant manager time to rectify the chiller fault. Since this issue has been resolved by the chiller and MRI manufacturers, Magpie BMS are pleased the North Downs Specialist Referrals MRI Unit has remained in working order. 

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